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Domenic Carosa’s Dominet invests in CloudCentral

CloudCentral has a new cornerstone investor pre-IPO Dominet Digital. Dominet Digital Corporation Pty Ltd (“Dominet”) will cornerstone the Company’s acquisition of Cloud Central Pty Ltd by...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
CloudCentral Acquires Software Defined Storage IP

This is a crucial addition to CloudCentral’s current storage offerings and introduces the Software Defined Storage business model, which separates ownership of hardware and software, allowing...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
CloudCentral welcomes new partners

Words from our partners! At Infinite Networks (Infinite) we excel at developing custom web and networking solutions for our Enterprise and Government customers. “The CloudCentral partnership...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
The Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

In the last few days, the Heartbleed OpenSSL security vulnerability has been receiving a lot of attention. It has affected an unprecedented wide range of organisations including Google, LinkedIn...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
From a cave to the cloud

Using tools has made life easier for people from the dawn of ages. It may have started with the invention of hammers and spears but we’ve come a long way since. The cloud is part of this constant...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
Cloud Server Snapshots: Lowest Cost Insurance Against Data Loss.

Ask yourself this question: How much does each hour of server downtime cost you? Perhaps this has already happened to you in the past and you are painfully aware of the costs involved. Otherwise...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
Top 3 ways to make sure your data is not private or secure

Do you believe that ignorance is bliss? In IT, it simply means not fully understanding the risks you are exposed to and not being fully aware of best practices to reduce risks. Critical data...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather
Customer spotlight: Mirus Australia provides cloud based analytics

Yesterday, ComputerWorld & TechWorld published an interesting case on the use of Cloud Computing using the example of a customer of ours, Mirus Australia. Mirus Australia helps residential aged...

CloudCentral Blog by Kristoffer Sheather