How do I get FTP to work on IIS7 on my Cloud Server?

1. Load 'IIS manager'.
2. Highlight the server node (named CLOUD-**********) in the tree view then select 'FTP Firewall Support'.
3. Set the 'Data Port Channel Range' field to a small list of ports, for example 5000-5001, do NOT set the external firewall address.  Then select apply.
4. Load 'Windows Advanced Firewall with Advanced Security' and ensure the inbound firewall rule 'Ensure 'FTP Server Passive' is enabled.
5. Login to the Cloud Central Control Center
6. Restart the 'Microsoft FTP' service via the Windows service control manager.
7. Navigate to 'Network Access Group Templates'.
8. The small list of ports specified in the 'Data Port Channel Range' need to be added as new network access rules, this can be added to an existing template, or a new 'FTP Access' template can be created from scratch.
9. Add two new network access rules, one for port 5000, and one for port 5001 to an existing or new network access group template.  Save your changes.
10. Apply the network access group template to the cloud server that is hosting your FTP service.

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