Setting up Snapshots in CloudPlatform

How to setup CloudPlatform Snapshots to protect yourself against data loss 
CloudCentral’s modern CloudPlatform enables users to quickly and easily schedule hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups. The best thing: It’s free of charge! All you pay for is the amount of backup storage used ($0.15 per GB).

Per volume (disk) you can schedule and keep:
  • 24 hourly snapshots
  • 31 daily snapshots
  • 12 weekly snapshots
  • 24 monthly snapshots
All snapshots are created in chains of 12. This means that after every full snapshot, there will be 11 incremental snapshots before a new full snapshot is created, thus minimising the amount of storage used while maximising the RPO (Recovery Point Objective, the time to recovery after loss of data or system failure.)

The simple 5-step process to set it up: 

1.In the CloudPlatform, navigate to ‘Storage’

2. Select the Disk to backup

3. Click ‘Setup Recurring Snapshot’ (You can also take manual snapshots here. For example when you want to duplicate a current system to do testing.)

4. Configure the time of backup, your time-zone and the preferred amount of snapshots to retain. Click ‘Add’ to save.

5. That’s it. This disk will now automatically be backed up according to the schedule you set up. You can repeat this procedure for different schedules and disks. (Each disk needs to be setup separately.)

The first full backup will take longer than the incremental backups afterwards. The backups will continue to be made in the background until you decide to switch it off.

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