Recovering a system using a snapshot of a root disk

How to restore a snapshot of a root-volume to a new VM.

1. Click on storage, find the disk and click on snapshots (you can change the dropdown to snapshots)

2. Select the snapshot and Click on ‘Create new template’.


3. Give it a name and description so you remember what kind of template it is. If the VM/OS is password protected, remember to tick this box. Otherwise you will not be able to reset the password and may not be able to access it.
Note: Do not tick the checkbox next to 'Public' unless you want to share the system as a community template with other users of our platform.

4. Go to ‘Instances’ in the left-hand menu.

5. Click Instance from a template and click ‘Next’.

6. Select the template you just created from ‘My Templates’ and set up the VM with the specification you require. After completing the rest of the wizard, the instance will be provisioned and become available like any other new instance.

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