How do I create a new Cloud Server?

How to create a new Cloud Server instance in CloudCentral's New Cloud

1. Login via the online portal

2. Select Instances

3. Click Add instance

4. Select desired OS type. (See our Cloud Server page for supported Operating Systems)

5. Select VM size  - amount of memory (RAM) and CPU resources to be allocated for the server.

6. Select any additional disk volume to be added:

7. Select existing or create new network

8. Provide a new name for the new Cloud Server and click Launch VM

9. The new server will be ready in a couple of minutes.
Note: There is a known caching issue that sometimes prevents servers from being created. If nothing seems to happen, refresh your browser with a complete refresh (Windows: Control + Shift + R | OSX: Command + Shift + R), and go through steps 3-9 again.

10. Once the creation of the Cloud Server is completed, the rood/admin password will be displayed. Please record this password somewhere. If you lose the password, you can stop the instance and select 'Reset Password' to generate a new password for the Cloud Server.

11. The VM can be managed after clicking the name on the list:

Note: To access the new Cloud Server over the internet (i.e. to use RDP), the network - firewall has to be configured.

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