Moving Data Disks between instances

NOTE1: Only available for DATA volumes, not the ROOT volumes!
NOTE2: Ensure that the the XenServer PV storage drivers are installed and up to date.
  1. a. Login to Windows and put the disk into off-line mode. or,
    b. Login to Linux and unmount the volume.
  2. Login to CloudPlatform and select Instances and then the Instance where the disk is currently attached
  3. Click View Volumes button
  4. Select Data-XXXX Datadisk volume. Note down the volume name
  5. Click Detach Volume button - paperclip with a minus sign
  6. In CloudPlatform select Storage.
  7. Select the disk volume name from the step 4.
  8. Click Attach Disk button - paperclip with a plus sign.
  9. Select the Instance (VM) from the dropdown. This the new VM, where the disk will be attached to.
  10. Login to the instance and bring the volume back online (Windows) or mount it (Linux).
Note: New disk volumes created in the CloudPlatform are in raw, unformatted state. Until they have been initialised and formatted they will not be available in the Operating System.

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