How to install the XenServer PV Drivers in Linux

XenServer Tools must be installed for each virtual machine (Windows and Linux) in order to be able to use the xe CLI or XenCenter, and VM performance may be significantly lowered unless the tools are installed.

Installing XenServer Tools on Linux VMs
1. Login to CloudPlatform web interface.
2. Go to Instances and select an instance.
3. Click "Attach ISO" (paper clip icon)
4. Select "xen-pv-drv-iso" from the list and click OK:

5. As the root user, mount the image into the VM with one of the below commands, the location may differ depending on your Linux distribution:
mount /dev/xvdd /mnt
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt

6. Execute the installation script as the root user:

7. If the kernel has been upgraded, or the VM was upgraded from a previous version, reboot the VM now.

8. Once complete unmount the ISO with "umount /mnt" then detach the ISO through CloudPlatform.

Note: CD-ROM drives and ISOs attached to Linux VMs can appear as /dev/xvdd rather than /dev/cdrom. This is because they are not true CD-ROM devices, but normal devices. When the CD is ejected by XenCenter, it hot-unplugs the device from the VM and the device disappears. This is different from Windows VMs, where the CD remains in the VM in an empty state.


Note2: There are minor differences between different Linux Distributions. For further details, please see:

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