How to setup email in Mac Mail

In this guide we will cover how to set up your mail account in Mac Mail - the default mail client available with a Mac.
Note: In this example we are setting up mail for the account, when you are setting up mail replace this with your own email address. The mail server we are specifying is, you will need to specify your mail server which will typically be mail.<>, if you're unsure on the settings to use please contact us on to confirm.

Setting up mail

  1. Start Mac Mail by clicking on the Mail icon in the dock.
  2. With Mail open, click File and then Add Account.

  3. The Add Account window will open, provide your full name, email address, and password in the fields as marked then click Continue.

  4. Next specify the incoming mail server. The Account Type should be IMAP, the incoming mail server should be mail.<>, the username will be your full email address while the password is the password for your mail account. Click Continue to proceed.

  5. For incoming mail security select to use secure sockets layer (SSL) with the authentication method of Password selected, click Continue.

  6. For the outgoing mail server specify the same as the incoming mail server, for instance mail.<> and select to use this server, it should appear in the drop down as it was previously specified for the incoming mail server.

    Important: You must tick "Use Authentication" and specify your email address for the username and enter your email password as our mail server requires SMTP authentication. Select Continue to proceed, you may receive a warning about the mail server not responding, click Continue anyway.

  7. For the Outgoing Mail Security settings, tick "Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)" with the Authentication option set to Password, click Continue.

  8. You should be provided with a summary of your settings, ensure "Take account online" is selected and click the "Create" button.

    Note: You may receive a "Verify Certificate" notice depending on the domain name you're using and the SSL certificate installed, in most cases it should be fine to connect after viewing the certificate.

  9. Now that the account is set up you can try to send a test message, in this example we send a test message to ourselves with the account that was just set up.

  10. After sending the message, you can either wait until the client checks for new mail, or click the highlighted button shown below to get new messages in all accounts, this will force Mac Mail to check for mail with the server which has retrieved our test message successfully confirming that mail is working as expected.


If you are having problems with mail, please see our mail troubleshooting guide here:

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