How to setup email in Outlook 2011 for Mac

In this guide we will cover how to set up your mail account in Outlook for Mac 2011.
Note: In this example we are setting up mail for the account, when you are setting up mail replace this with your own email address. The mail server we are specifying is, you will need to specify your mail server which will typically be mail.<>, if you're unsure on the settings to use please contact us on to confirm.

Setting up mail

  1. Start Outlook for Mac 2011 by clicking on the icon in the dock.
  2. With Outlook open, select the Outlook menu followed by Preferences.

  3. From the Outlook Preferences window, select "Accounts" under Personal Settings.

  4. The Accounts window will appear, select "Other Email".

  5. You will now be prompted to enter your account information. Provide your full email address, password, username (which is your full email address again), account type of IMAP and mail servers as shown below. The incoming and outgoing mail server will typically be mail.<>, check "Use SSL to connect (recommended)" for both incoming and outgoing server options. When you're done, click "Add Account".

  6. You should now see the account listed in the Accounts window, you can enter a description for the account and your full name here.

  7. From the accounts window, select the "More Options..." button as highlighted below. From the settings window that appears, set the Authentication drop down to User Name and Password. For the username provide your full email address, followed by the password for your mail account. Click OK when complete.

  8. You can now close the Accounts window and attempt to send a test message, in this example we sent a test message to the account that was just set up as below.

  9. You can either wait for the test message to display, or click the Send/Recieve button towards the top right hand side to force the refresh. As shown our test message was received confirming that both sending and receiving mail is working correctly.


If you are having problems with mail, please see our mail troubleshooting guide here:

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