How to setup email in Outlook 2010 for Windows with IMAP

In this guide we will cover how to set up your email account in Outlook 2010 for Windows.
Note: In this example we are setting up mail for the account, when you are setting up mail replace this with your own email address. The mail server we are specifying is, you will need to specify your mail server which will typically be mail.<>, if you're unsure on the settings to use please contact us on to confirm.

Setting up mail

  1. Start Outlook 2010
  2. From the top bar select "File", followed by the "Add Account" button.

  3. Enter the email account information, including your name, your full email address, as well as your password twice. Click Next to continue.

  4. Wait a moment while Outlook connects to the mail server and configures itself. Click Finish when it's done.

  5. You can now send a test email to yourself to confirm that it's working.

  6. Wait until you receive the email, you may need to adjust the frequency Outlook checks for mail, otherwise click the Send / Receive tab up the top then select the "Send/Receive All Folders" button to force Outlook to synchronize with the server.

  7. We have now confirmed that we are able to successfully send and receive mail.
Note: ActiveSync accounts will not work with Outlook 2010 or older so IMAP/POP must be used, you will need to upgrade to 2013 to make use of this feature. Alternatively you can use the "Add to Outlook" feature which will allow you to synchronize calendars to the mail server, however you will not receive notifications or alerts as you would with ActiveSync. This is configured by logging into webmail at https://mail.<>, select the Calendar icon, click the Actions menu and then select Add to Outlook which will prompt you to open with Outlook.


If you are having problems with mail, please see our mail troubleshooting guide here:

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