Migrating from an external mail server to SmarterMail

SmarterMail provides a way for you to migrate mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes in from an external location. The types of content that you can migrate will depend on the external mail server where you will be migrating from.
In this example we will be migrating an external exchange account, the settings may slightly differ if you are not migrating from an exchange server.
Using the migration wizard.
  1. First log into webmail with your email account, this will typically be found at https://mail.<yourdomain.com>.
  2. From the options on the left hand side, select Settings.
  3. Under My Settings > Advanced Settings, select Mailbox Migration, this will open a new window.

  4. Select the type of mail server used by the external mail source, such as exchange and click Next. You can optionally select to delete mailbox items that already exist on the destination side if you have already performed a migration previously so that you don't double up.

  5. Select the types of items to import, if you are limited on what can be selected it is because of the external mail server type. In the instance of an external exchange server you should be able to migrate email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes, just select them all and click Next.

  6. Next you will need to specify information regarding the external / source mail server. The address field can be the IP address of the external mail server, or the hostname (assuming that DNS still points to it and has not been updated). The username in the case of exchange is your username in the domain, for other mail account types this may be your full email address. The password must be the correct password for this account on the external mail server so that the migration tool can successfully authenticate. The domain will be the domain name used for the external exchange server. Ideally requires SSL should be ticked as this will secure the transfer, however if it fails when you click test connection you can try without it, the external server may not have SSL available - just note that the data transfer will be in plain text over the Internet and not secured.

  7. If the connection tests successfully you should be able to initiate the migration, it will display a progress counter of items that have been migrated, once the finish button becomes available the migration will have completed. Check and confirm the items that you have imported are available as expected.

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