Adding the Global Address List to Outlook

In Outlook you can send messages easily to your known contacts by typing some of their name in and then selecting them from a list. To make use of this in Outlook you need to first import the contact list and then specify that it can be used as an email address book.


  1. Log into webmail, typically this will be at at mail.<>
  2. From the left hand side, select Contacts.
  3. From the drop down at the top, select Global Address List
  4. From the Actions drop down, click Select All.
  5. From the same Actions drop down, now select Add to Outlook.

  6. Select your version of Outlook and give the list a name, click OK.

  7. This will open a new Window asking what you want to launch the application with, if you have Outlook installed it should show up, click OK.

  8. Outlook will then ask if you want to connect to the contact list, click Yes.

  9. Now in Outlook 2013 select the People tab down the bottom, this is where your contacts are managed.

  10. You should see the global address list that you imported under Other Contacts, right click it and select Properties.
  11. In the properties window, select the third tab "Outlook Address Book", tick the show this folder as an email address book option, then select OK to save the changes.

  12. Now create a new email, you should be able to type some of the name in and click the Check Names button to complete it. After the first time Outlook should remember this in future. You can also click the Address Book button to get a list of all users available in the global address list.

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