Accessing your Windows server with Remote Desktop and Duo Security

To access your Windows server you can either use the console provided through CloudPlatform, or you can connect to it with remote desktop. Using remote desktop is more ideal as it provides a higher level of integration making it easier for you to get things done, when compared to console access which is typically used as a last resort.
  1. From your Windows computer open Remote Desktop Connection, you can open the start menu and start typing this to search for it and find it.

  2. When this opens, enter either the server name (if DNS exists for it) or public IP address for your server. If you are unsure of the details please contact us on

  3. Click the Show Options button down the bottom of the above screen to expand the settings, as below enter your username. If the server is connected to an active directory domain you will need to specify the domain first as shown below. Click the Connect button once you're ready.

  4. Enter your password as shown below and optionally tick remember my credentials which will save the username and password to that computer for use in future. Once the password is entered click OK to connect, you may receive an SSL warning which is fine to click Yes on.

  5. If your server has Duo Security installed for two factor authentication and this has been set up on your mobile device, and your mobile device has Internet access you should be prompted to approve the connection through the application.

    Note: If you have not yet set up Duo Security but you are being asked for it on log in, please see this article here on setting up Duo Security on a mobile device.

    If your server is configured with Duo Security and you are logging in through remote desktop you will see the below image, if you do not see this and it logs straight in then either Duo Security is not configured, or it is configured but your account has been set to bypass Duo Security - a setting that we can change.

    Assuming your phone has Internet access, the server will have just pushed a login request to it, so check your phone that has Duo Security setup and configured on it and you should be able to approve the login through the application.

    Alternatively, you can click the Cancel button in the above image and instead enter a 6 digit code which you can find in the Duo Security application. These codes are ideal for when your phone does not have Internet access and thereby is not able to receive the login request that was sent to it.

  6. Once you have either clicked the approve button on the phone, or entered the 6 digit number, you should then be successfully logged into the server.

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