Installing and configuring Duo Security on your mobile device

Duo Security is a two factor authentication service that CloudCentral use in order to secure the login and authentication process for our customers. Essentially you install the Duo Security application on a mobile device such as your smartphone and when you attempt to log into either a Windows server via Remote Desktop or a Linux server via SSH you will be prompted on the device to approve the login.
This provides secure two factor authentication as login requires both something you have (the smartphone or token) as well as something you know (your password).

Setting up Duo Security

​CloudCentral will install Duo Security on your server and configure it, we will then require the following information to create accounts:
  • Mobile phone number
  • Device type (e.g. iPhone/Android/Windows Phone)
Once we create the accounts, your nominated mobile number will receive two SMS texts. The first message will be a welcome message which includes a link to install the application, click the link and install the Duo Security application on your phone.
Once the application is installed, see the second SMS which provides a link to activate the application, this basically adds your account to the application so that your device is associated with your account.

After this you can test logging into your server, you should be prompted by Duo Security to either approve the request on your mobile device, or enter a 6 digit passcode as outlined here in this article.

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