How to backup your data with WorkSync

This article will guide you through backing up data on your computer with the WorkSync agent. Once files and folders have been selected for backup, you will be able to restore these files as needed. If you have not yet installed the agent, please see here.

Configuring Backups with the WorkSync agent

  1. Once you have the WorkSync agent installed, simply right click a file or folder in your computer that you want to have backed up, and go to CTERA Agent > Add to backup, as shown below.

  2. Once complete the folder and all files within should have a "+" icon as shown below, indicating that the content is configured for backup. Note that if you do this to a folder, any files or subfolders that are created within the originally selected folder will also be added to backup. You could simply select a whole drive, such as C drive, and select to add it to backup and this will cover everything on that disk.

  3. Alternatively, you can also go to the settings of the CTERA agent as shown below to add files to backup. After clicking the "Settings..." button, you may be prompted to log in with your account, if you're signed into the application you should automatically sign in.

  4. As shown below, select Backup Options > Backup Files, and you will see all folders and files on your computer, simply select them for backup as required and click the Save button towards the bottom. Note that the image below already shows the folder that we added previously, you can add the files and folders to backup either way you prefer.

  5. By default the files will backup every 24 hours, you can schedule the backups as per your requirements through the settings, simply select Backup Options > Schedule, as shown below.

  6. You can also manually trigger a backup through the agent by clicking the "Backup now" button as shown below. The agent also notes when the next backup will run.

  7. Should you need to restore data, you can click the "Restore" button which is right next to the "Backup now" button in the above image. Restore is also available through the agent settings under Main > Cloud Backup > Restore, as shown below.

    After selecting files to be backed up, it's worth running a backup to confirm that it works correctly. Note that it may take some time depending on the amount of data you have selected and your Internet connection. Once you have a backup completed, it would be a good practice exercise to attempt to restore a file to confirm that things are working as expected.

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