How to safely expand a storage volume on a Windows VM instance

Within CloudPlatform:

1. Stop instance (note: shutting down via Remote Desktop will always
reboot the server)
2. Snapshot volume
3. Wait for the snapshot to be backed up (takes a long - roughly 1 hour
per 100Mb if no previous snapshots exist)
4. Resize volume
5. Start instance

Windows VM Instance:

1. Open Disk Manager (in Window Key + X menu)
2. Click on the Disk (it will show unallocated space on the right)
3. Right-click on the allocated space and chose Expand Volume
4. Complete the Wizard by accepting the default options

Please note that the resizing of 'ROOT' volumes (C drive on Windows) is not currently supported by CloudPlatform, this functionality is coming in a future release.

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